From the Leader of Unknown X, JYUNYA

From the Leader of Unknown X, JYUNYA

I have devoted all my energy to the development and operation of "Touhou Dammak Kagura". I still remember the day we decided to end the service and the day we announced it to everyone. This will stay with me forever, and I am truly sorry.

However, the power of your voice for the continuation of "DanKagu" led us to revive the project. The members of Unknown X agreed and gave us the opportunity to develop a new game, and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. We would like to use all the Mitama cards that were included in the smartphone version, including those that had not yet been shown. We also want to try to include as many of the songs as possible.

We still have many things to solve and we need to ask many people for help. We would like to include more platforms to support as well. We also want to hold the most exciting "Danmaku Festival". For this to become true, we need your help. Just as your support was the reason for bringing back "Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost", your voice will be the power to make this project grow and reach many more people.

Please add the game to your Steam wishlist! And if circumstances allow, please consider participating in the crowdfunding. Your support will become our strength. Please lend us your hand, for the reincarnation of "Danmaku Kagura"

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